If you are about to set up a website for your business, or are making changes to an existing website, some of the costs incurred from doing so may be available to either write off immediately or depreciate over a number of years. How these expenses are treated for tax purposes depends on certain factors. We run over the ins and outs of website expenditure claims to help you get your claim right.

The living away from home allowance can help many workers who are required to move away to secure employment. We look at the details of this fringe benefit. Also the categorisation of profits as either revenue or capital using trusts (and the subsequent tax treatment) is ruffling feathers again within property development circles. We look at a Tax Office pronouncement on the issue, and what it means for your tax outcome.

We also flag changes to the eligibility criteria for the Seniors Health Card, finally have some firm dates for the repeal of certain small business tax concessions (some have been backdated), and spell out some tips to ensure prompt payment of your invoices.

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