With the imminent arrival of the new financial year, there are usually a few small changes in the tax system to get used to, but this year is an exception. We sketch out the post-July 1 tax and super landscape, but also list the government announcements from the Federal Budget that may also prompt a strategic re-think, should the proposals make it through Parliament.

The “debt tax” (Temporary Budget Deficit Levy) which was announced in the recent Federal Budget is not just a concern for anyone earning more than $180,000. There are also some flow-on effects for businesses due to the resulting increase in the top marginal tax rate, which is used to calculate a number of other taxes.

We also cover some tactical end-of-year deductions for businesses, as well as year-end tax tips for individuals, and have (relatively) good news for business owners who have been left in limbo over the possible changes to the instant asset write-off provisions.

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