This jam-packed edition features pieces on:

  • Year-end tax planning – both from a tax and superannuation perspective. This article details various strategies individuals and businesses can employ to optimize their year-end tax position as we head towards 30 June.
  • An ATO warning on the latest tax scam doing the rounds. The ATO has just recently reported an increase in fake websites offering to provide tax file numbers (TFNs) and Australian Business Numbers.
  • What the new government has foreshadowed on the tax and super front. This includes support for significant income tax cuts for individuals, a crackdown on multinational tax avoidance, lowering the age eligibility for the super downsizer scheme, and a home buyer subsidy – making it easier to buy your first home.
  • The four items under the ATO’s microscope as we head into Tax Time 2022. Record-keeping, work-related expenses, rental income and deductions, and capital gains from crypto are all on the ATO radar.
  • How downsizer super contributions can help older individuals provide for their retirement. Contribute extra money to your superannuation after you sell the family home. Did you know you could invest the proceeds of the sale of your family home to your superannuation, depending on your age and circumstances?

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