• Newsletter De Luca Partners – May 2018

    Interest expenses on money borrowed to buy business assets can be deductible. However there are also circumstances, allowed under tax law, where deductions are still available after the relevant asset is disposed of. We run over the details. We also look at the “work test” required for super contributions to be made for those over […]

  • Newsletter De Luca Partners – April 2018

    There’s been a lot of buzz about bitcoin lately, so we thought it timely to run over the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies. Another phenomenon of the modern marketplace is the sharing economy, but care needs to be taken when dealing with businesses carried on via sharing platforms to ensure there are no hidden tax […]

  • Newsletter De Luca Partners – March 2018

    There’s a hidden danger lurking within the FBT rules that business owners should keep an eye on. Where a third party supplier is generous enough to include your employees, there’s a very real possibility that this could trigger a tax liability for that business. We run over this and other quirks of the FBT regime. […]

  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) Commences 1st July 2018

    SINGLE TOUCH PAYROLL: NEW PAYROLL REPORTING REQUIREMENTS EFFECTIVE 1st JULY 2018 The ATO are changing the way employers report tax and super information to them. Therefore employers will need to start using what is referred to as “Single Touch Payroll”.   If you have 20 or more employees: Single Touch Payroll is mandatory for employers with […]

  • Newsletter De Luca Partners – February 2018

    For a business owner, the issue of bad debts can be bittersweet — yes you’ve missed out on revenue, but at least there’s some tax relief. We look at the conditions necessary to access such consolation. On another financing matter, we touch on the particular considerations necessary when refinancing a partnership. Property investors have recently […]

  • Newsletter De Luca Partners – December 2017

    Recent legislative changes mean that SMSF trustees need more than ever to stay aware of the value of assets, and makes the forced unwinding of an LRBA a more real possibility for many. We run over the practical aspects. We also look at the top 10 tax mistakes that rental property owners can make, pick […]

  • Newsletter De Luca Partners – November 2017

    As it’s getting ever closer to the festive end of the year, we thought it prudent to run over the rules regarding Christmas parties and FBT. And borrowing money from a private company, even if it is your own business, can have serious pitfalls if not carried out correctly, so we look at the dangers […]

  • Newsletter De Luca Partners – October 2017

    There were a couple of housing-based superannuation contribution proposals contained in this year’s Federal Budget, for which draft legislation has finally been tabled. We run over the finer details that have been revealed. And if you or anyone you know has considered driving an Uber car to earn some extra income, we have some essential […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners – 2017-18 Rates and Thresholds

    The 2017-2018 Lodgement Rates and Thresholds newsletter helps demonstrate the tax compliance. Should you require more information regarding any topic touched upon in this newsletter, please feel free to contact our office for personal advice. Click to Download Newsletter – De Luca Partners – 2017-18 Rates and Thresholds Guide Disclaimer: All information provided in this newsletter […]

  • Newsletter De Luca Partners – September 2017

    The small business CGT concessions can be extremely valuable, but sometimes the complexity of the details can be confusing. We clear up some of the more obscure factors. The rules around LRBAs for SMSF trustees have been fiddled with again, and necessitate (again) a look at the fine print. There is also a new statistical […]

  • Newsletter De Luca Partners – August 2017

    Making claims for travel allowances is a handy deduction for many employees, especially as the ATO has seen fit to make an exception to substantiate these claims in many circumstances. However this consideration comes with a warning — get it right, or lose that exception. We run over the particulars. Did you know that there […]

  • Newsletter De Luca Partners – July 2017

    The ATO is on the warpath over incorrect deductions that many taxpayers try to claim for holiday rental properties, so we take a look at the issues that have been grinding the taxman’s gears. And if you’re going to soon make an appointment to complete your tax return, we’ve made a general checklist of things […]