• Newsletter – De Luca Partners – July 2014

    Many of you will have at least heard of Bitcoin, and some may have even used the new digital currency. Bitcoin looks set to revolutionise monetary transactions, and perhaps sooner than many imagine. The virtual currency even has the attention of the Tax Office. We examine the ramifications, and the pros and cons, of Bitcoin […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners – June 2014

    With the imminent arrival of the new financial year, there are usually a few small changes in the tax system to get used to, but this year is an exception. We sketch out the post-July 1 tax and super landscape, but also list the government announcements from the Federal Budget that may also prompt a […]

  • Newsletter- Federal Budget 2014-2015

    The Federal Budget handed down on Tuesday evening of May 13 seemed to re-emphasis Treasurer Joe Hockey’s narrative pursued in the lead-up to budget night – that tough decisions would have to be made, and that due to the state of the economy we would all be expected to do some of the “heavy lifting”. […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners – May 2014

    Recent changes have been made to some social service, family benefit and other entitlements, which we run through and explain. There are also changes looming for superannuation contribution caps (the good news here is that they are increasing). And did you know that the basis to determine the costs of aged care accommodation is being […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners – April 2014

    While most people know that the fees for preparing and lodging tax returns are deductible, far fewer are aware that the specific regulations operating in this area of tax law also allow for extra deductions to be claimed in certain circumstances. While the repeal of the mining tax (the Minerals Resource Rent Tax) is yet […]