• Super Stream commences

    Are you an Employer? Are you Super Stream ready? Did you know that Important changes to how you make superannuation contributions for all your employees take effect 1st of July 2015 for many employers. –Employers with 20 or more employees: If you have 20 or more employees you must be super stream ready by the […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners April 2015

    Each year the Tax Office gains access to more records stored on the databases of financial institutions and other organisations, and can use this information to ensure taxpayers’ reporting obligations are up to scratch. This time the Tax Office is looking at people who have sold items online. Landlords will sometimes offer incentives to entice […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners March 2015

    The FBT year is fast coming to a close, so a run-down on the basics seems warranted. And remember, the FBT rate goes up on April 1. Also looming on the horizon is the July 1 deadline for all businesses (not just those with more than 20 staff) to adapt their systems to be SuperStream […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners February 2015

    Different areas of the nation have already experienced bushfire, and summer hasn’t finished with us yet. With natural disasters like fires and floods, the last thing anyone affected needs is problems with the Tax Office. There have therefore been put in place some protocols to help taxpayers through such difficult times. With SMSFs continuing to […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners December 2014

    With the rate for FBT set to go above the highest marginal rate from next April, business owners may want to review remuneration packages to ensure arrangements are still beneficial – for both employers and their employees. When family or friends pay nominal amounts to use your holiday house, is this income assessable? We run […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners – November 2014

    An allowance for necessary travel made by employees is written into the tax law, which we run an eye over in this issue. But as there are two concessions for travel – the “living away from home” and the “travel” allowances – frequently both employers and employees confuse which is applicable. We spell out the […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners – Lodgment Rates and Thresholds: 2014 – 2015

    The 2014-2015 Lodgement Rates and Thresholds newsletter helps demonstrate the tax compliance.   Should you require more information regarding any topic touched upon in this newsletter, please feel free to contact our office for personal advice.   Click to Download De Luca Partners- Federal Budget 2014-2015 Newsletter   Disclaimer: All information provided in this newsletter […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners – October 2014

    If you are about to set up a website for your business, or are making changes to an existing website, some of the costs incurred from doing so may be available to either write off immediately or depreciate over a number of years. How these expenses are treated for tax purposes depends on certain factors. […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners – September 2014

    Packaging a vehicle into a remuneration arrangement via a novated lease is a popular salary option – we run over the details of how this is achieved and the outcomes for both employer and employee. The tax concessions that have been made available to small businesses can be a valuable boost to the bottom line […]

  • Newsletter – De Luca Partners – August 2014

    A vindication for your making the sensible decision to seek out professional advice can be to find that the costs of doing so are deemed tax deductible. While the deduction rules for professional consultation on tax affairs are typically straightforward, when it comes to investment advice there are certain differences in regulations you should be […]

  • Project Do it

    Project Do It The Australian Taxation Office is providing an amnesty until the 19th December 2014 for Taxpayers with foreign income and assets who may have omitted this information from previous tax returns .   Please click to read more information from the Australian Taxation Office ATO-Project Do It   Disclaimer: All information provided is […]

  • Newsletter – Employsure – July 2014

      Employment related matters are very important in today’s business world. Click to download the July 2014 Employsure newsletter Employsure Newsletter- July 2014     Disclaimer: All information provided in this newsletter is of a general nature only and is not personal financial or investment advice. Also, changes in legislation may occur frequently. We recommend […]